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At Work / In the Office : Hypnotic Presentation

Hypnotic Presentation

Preparing for the most important presentation of his life, a sales
representative went to a psychiatrist. "I'll implant a hypnotic
suggestion in your mind," said the doctor. "Just say 'one-two-three,'
and you'll give the presentation of your life. However, do not say
'one-two-three-four,' because it will cause you to freeze up and make a
fool of yourself."

The sales rep was ecstatic. He tried it at home and gave a fabulous
presentation. He tried it at work, and got a standing ovation. Then came
the big day. Everything was set up in the boardroom and the CEO signaled
him to start.

The sales rep whispered under his breath, "One-two-three."

Then the CEO asked, "What did you say 'one-two-three' for?"

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