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2012-07-11  Seeing The Signs  
2012-05-15  The Catch  
2012-04-23  Minor Infraction  
2012-04-22  Serve and Protect  
2012-03-23  Long Distance Driving  
2012-01-04  Speeding Reward  
2011-11-11  Well-Planned Defense  
2011-10-11  Small Town Justice  
2011-10-03  Old Ammunition  
2011-09-24  An Appropriate Picture  
2011-08-19  Fighting Fire with Fire  
2011-07-24  Always Ask An Officer  
2011-07-17  Computer Speed  
2011-04-22  A Little Help  
2011-04-14  First Anniversary  
2011-04-01  Bad Steering  
2011-03-25  Protesting Robber  
2011-03-04  Defensively Late  
2011-03-02  Black Eye Blunder  
2011-02-21  Cookie Trap  
2011-01-13  Illegal Turn  
2010-11-19  Triple Play  
2010-11-14  Ticket To Ride  
2010-10-18  Reaching The Fire