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Sports : Sports Funnies

Sports Funnies

Q. Why did the basketball wear a bib?
A. So it wouldn't dribble.

Q. How do hockey player's kiss?
A. They pucker up.

Q. What did the nutritionist recommend to the losing sprinter?
A. Ketchup.

Q. Who's played for every team in the NHL?
A. The organist at Madison Square Garden.

Q. Why is hotter in the arena after the game is over?
A. Because all the fans are gone.

Q. Why don't they let pigs play in the NBA?
A. They always hog the ball.

Q. Why did the monster try out for the hockey team?
A. He heard they needed a new ghoulie.

Q. What are a boxer's favorite colors?
A. Black and blue.

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