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2012-08-30  A Bumpy Ride  
2012-08-17  Bagged By The Morning  
2012-08-01  Relaxing Sign  
2012-06-27  An Exact Discovery  
2012-06-17  The Four Stages of Life  
2012-05-30  Best in the Land  
2012-05-21  Halloween Treat  
2012-05-20  Halloween One Liners  
2012-05-14  European Tour  
2012-05-12  Settling An Argument  
2012-03-13  Airline Food Choices  
2012-02-18  A Daring Rescue  
2012-01-11  Returning the Trick  
2012-01-10  Is That Gilligan?  
2012-01-07  Airline Luggage Routing  
2011-12-07  Travel Tactics  
2011-11-08  Don't Fear the Alligators  
2011-10-09  On Santa's Lap  
2011-10-08  Children's Christmas Carols  
2011-09-10  A Change Of Room  
2011-08-04  Hour Long Flight delay  
2011-07-08  Camping System  
2011-06-18  Fresh Fish  
2011-06-05  Types Of Bears  
2011-05-31  Bear Warning  
2011-03-17  Last Day of Skiing  
2011-02-26  Phunny Phirst Name  
2011-01-23  Marked Luggage  
2010-12-26  Fearsomely Funny  
2010-12-23  Monster Laughs  
2010-12-21  Spooky Humor  
2010-12-07  New Year's Resolutions  
2010-11-23  Costly Fishing Trip  
2010-11-15  Lost Snack